Millersburg Police purchase new body cameras

Millersburg Police purchase new body cameras

MILLERSBURG, OH (WOIO) - The Millersburg Police Department recently purchased 11 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras, including 11 headset cameras and two docking stations.

Chief Thomas Vaughn made the decision to purchase the WOLFCOM VISION for his department after using a different brand the past few years.

"We had been using another brand of body camera for the last three or four years and we wanted to look for other options available, as opposed to being tied to one vendor," said Vaughn. "We liked that WOLFCOM offered alternative options in video storage, not just pushing cloud storage. We also really liked the critical reconnect feature, where if the Point of View camera is damaged or disconnected, the main unit kicks in as a backup and records the rest of the incident, so no video is lost if the POV cam is disconnected. Many of our officers like the better POV option, as opposed to our previous cameras capturing whatever the camera sees from its fixed position on your uniform."

The department has nine full-time police officers and each has been assigned their own police body camera.

"The officers learned very quickly. We use the cameras in easy mode. The video quality is crisp and clear, much better than our previous cameras. Also, the WOLFCOM VISIONS seem more durable, they're constructed better and we're pretty pleased with the head mounts, they're far easier to use and well made," said Vaughn.

Vaughn says the department's policy states officers must use their body cameras for traffic stops and other encounters with the public that could become controversial.

"We haven't used them in any major cases yet, but mainly in everyday normal cases. We had an indoor situation, where we were gathering evidence and the digital camera we were using had failed, but we captured all the images we needed on the WOLFCOM VISION. We've also used them in a couple of domestic issues, where we've captured statements made to our officers. We were able to capture some of that video with POV cams, so the camera has been helpful in these cases," Vaughn explained.

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