Romona's Kids: Teens learn job skills training at church

OAKWOOD VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - While lots of kids are spending the summer hanging out with friends and relaxing, some teens are learning important lessons for adulthood.

We found this week's Romona's kids in Oakwood Village.

Ten local teens are working at Mt. Zion Church for six weeks this summer as part of the Cuyahoga County Y.O.U. Program.

The kids clean, work in the sanctuary, and even set up for events.

"I got involved with the program so I can finally find out how it feels to have a job," said Destiny Evans.

"It's so I can help out my family and buy my own stuff for football," said De'Angelo Howard.

"I got involved with Y.O.U. to teach me time management skills," said Fre'Shawn Jordan.

The kids also toured Petitti Garden Center to learn about urban farming.

Mt. Zion Church is starting an urban gardening project and will use the crops to feed families in need.

The first project will be to make soup from the homegrown vegetables and feed the community.

"They're very good, they're hard working, they're on time, they get their stuff done," said Amanda Sefcik of Mt. Zion Church. "Usually they're so good we have  to send them home early because we run out of work to give them!"

"The job means a lot to me, it gives me responsibility and shows me that I have an opportunity that a lot of other kids don't have," said Jordan.

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