Trending: Woman rescues child from hot car

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A woman is being called a hero after breaking a car window and rescuing a toddler from the inside of a car on a hot day. The driver left
the child in the car while running into a nearby store. Bystanders say the child was drenched in sweat and crying when pulled from the vehicle. Experts remind the temperature inside a car can soar 20 degrees in 10 minutes.
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New AP poll shows Americans may be more divided now than before the Supreme Court backed gay marriage. In the question of whether or not
they approve, 39% said they approve of gay marriage and 41% say they disapprove. 
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Good news for first time home buyers, especially millennials. Surveys show they say they are more likely to buy a house in the next two years
than any other generation of first home hopefuls. 70% say they do still need more money for a down payment though. 
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