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Z Files: Cavs have raised the bar, while other teams can't get off the ground

Z Files (Source: WOIO) Z Files (Source: WOIO)

The Cavaliers did more than just treat us to six months of phenomenal basketball. They did more than come within two wins of the city's first championship in 51 years. And they did more than raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their owner, as well as the local economy. They raised the bar for teams in this town, and put a ton of pressure on the Browns and Indians, and neither team seems anywhere close to providing that kind of excitement for Cleveland fans.

Let's start with the Browns. No way to predict how this season's going to go, unless, of course, you rely on what you've witnessed the past 16, on
and off the field. On the field, we're being asked to put our trust in a career backup quarterback who's had one (ONE) good season in the NFL. Off the field, we're hearing reports of a power struggle between the GM and head coach, nine days before camp kicks off. As Bernie Kosar told me at the Rocksino on Tuesday, during the debut of his new Bernie slot machines, just that report itself (true or not), and the fact that somebody is leaking news of that type of discord this close to camp, is the same level of dysfunction we've witnessed from this franchise for almost two decades. And, oh yeah, if the report is true, look out. A new regime, or at the very least, a new coach, could be on the way, and then, look out. But hey, the stadium is nicer!
As for the Tribe, they're buried within the division, but still in the Wild Card conversation (isn't every team in baseball?), yet some nights appear
lifeless. Two steps forward here, one step back there. One step forward here, three steps back there. The trading deadline is approaching (July 31st). Do you really expect this front office to do anything dramatic? Worst of all, while some fans are angry, many are simply disinterested. The Indians struggle to draw more than 10,000 to the park. That's nothing new. But TV ratings are also down 30%. That is new. And that's bad. Very bad. Indifference is worse than anger. Because at that point, fans have simply stopped caring.

But come November, we have the Cavs. We have the best player in the league, which the other two teams haven't been able to claim in decades. We have
a franchise that is incredibly committed to staying a step ahead. Committed to giving back, performance-wise, as much as it gets from the fans. And as a result, we have a tremendous shot at a title.
The Cavaliers have raised the bar. It'd be nice to see the other two pro teams at least get off the ground.
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