Outdated GPS systems distress drivers

Outdated GPS systems distress drivers

GPS navigation systems are not always up to date which can get users lost or in a lot of trouble.

Richard Philpot bought a 2015 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD last April, but he says the navigation system is out of date.

"It's a wonderful truck but the GPS in here, it's got real old maps in it," he says.

Philpot says some roads that have existed for 10 years don't show up and it looks like you're driving through a field.

And he says businesses that have been around for almost a decade are nowhere to be found.

"It's just like you dropped off the face of the earth," he said. "The little wheel on there just spins."

It really became an issue for Philpot when he and his wife traveled out west for the winter with a 40-foot trailer in tow.

"We ended up in one spot where it said end of pavement, so we had to turn the 40-foot camper around," Philpot explained. "So she gets out and stops traffic while I try to back this baby up."

So Philpot went to his local dealership and they gave him a phone number to call.

"I called that number, and they said for $175 they can send me a new thing. And I thought 'That might be alright, but this is a brand new truck and it ought to have the newest maps in.'"

After a call to the General Motors corporate office, an executive customer experience team quickly got involved.

General Motors installed a new navigation system and a new OnStar antenna.

But Philpot said the maps still weren't working the way they should, so the company updated the software in the navigation system and that did the trick.

"This is a 2015 truck, but it was made in March of 2014," Philpot explained. "The update, according to what we heard from the service people, was in August of '14. It got the newer package in it."

Did other 2015 trucks or vehicles that came off the line before August 2014 have the same issue?

The GM representative said she could not confirm that, but she did say any customers who have concerns should contact their dealers.

Philpot  says he's feeling more confident about heading west this winter.

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