Inexpensive window hardware could help keep your family safe

Inexpensive window hardware could help keep your family safe

The death of a Lakewood toddler who fell through an open ninth floor window is prompting new questions about window safety.

There are things that you can do to your windows to help protect your family.

Our partners at Window Nation say the simplest safety features are locks.

"Well with little kids especially you always have to have two locks on the windows. That's going to be your first line of defense, you know, in any home," says Joe Cutlip, a Project Manager with Window Nation.

But what if you want to leave the window open? On most newer windows there is a new device called a "vent latch stop" built right into the window.

"Very simple to use. They just pop up, and they only allow the window to raise three to four inches maximum," said Cutlip.

While replacing windows is probably not the cheapest option, we searched Home Depot's website and found options like window guards starting at approximately $30.

Those are bars that slide into your window.

We also found window slider locks. Simply screw them on to the window sill and they keep the window from opening too far.

This is an extremely affordable option at under $4 for a four-pack.

The National Safety Council has much more information about window safety in homes with children, including an activity book that can help teach children about the dangers.

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