Browns and Cardinals go at it on Twitter

Browns and Cardinals go at it on Twitter

The Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals will play each other on November 1, this season.

To the average fan, this game may be overlooked, but the Browns and Cardinals Twitter handles just made the match-up a little more interesting.

The Browns tweeted a photo of First Energy Stadium with the new decor of the new logo. The Cardinals then responded, "Looking forward to Nov 1. We have not seen the #DawgPound since 2003 when @BruceArians was on YOUR sideline!"

The Browns Twitter handle quickly responded with, "The #DawgPound is looking forward to it too" with a picture of the 2003 score, where the Browns won 44-6.

It was then when the Cardinals hit the Browns in the gut, where they totaled the team's postseason games since 2003. The Browns had 0 and the Cardinals had 7.

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