New study ranks Cleveland, Akron roads some of the nation's worst

New study ranks Cleveland, Akron roads some of the nation's worst
Potholes along West 130th Street in Cleveland (Source: WOIO)

The verdict is in: northeast Ohio roads are terrible. Truck drivers know better than most.

"This is a brand new truck and when I hit a pothole it feels like I'm going to fly off the road. They are really big," complained trucker Pam Pendergrass.

If that wasn't enough, the national transportation research group TRIP released a study ranking Cleveland and Akron with the 6th and 11th worst roadways in the country, respectively.

The report takes into consideration pavement conditions of freeways, interstates, and major arteries.

According to the study, driving on such terrible roads really does a number on your vehicle, depreciating its value and increasing fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and tire wear.

TRIP research estimates you spend an extra $845 if you regularly drive in Cleveland, an extra $797 in Akron.

The Ohio Department of Transportation knows there's a problem. It released this statement:

"Over the last four years, the Ohio Dept. of Transportation has invested $8 billion into the state and federal transportation system and given over $1 billion to local governments to help them maintain and expand their streets and bridges. Approximately 93 percent of ODOT's budget goes toward maintaining the existing transportation network. We certainly encourage Congress to pass a long-term funding bill so we can better plan for the future."

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