Suspect and vehicle identified in VeloSano cyclist crash

Suspect and vehicle identified in VeloSano cyclist crash
(Source: Laura DeMaria, WOIO)

Auburn Township, OH (WOIO) - Police have identified a suspect and the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run crash of a South Euclid cyclist.

In a news conference Friday morning, Ohio State Highway Patrol said James Zorn, 46, of Mayfield Village, called 911 after the crash, then fled the scene in Auburn Township.

Caller: The bicycle struck the vehicle.

Dispatch: Do you have a description of either one? 

Caller: Huh? 

Dispatch: Do you have a description of either one?

Caller: No, I don't. 

The call is odd because the man making it wasn't willing to help when the dispatcher asked, "Are you gonna go back?" He responded with, "I can't. I'm running late for an appointment. I don't know if anybody stopped or not."

Zorn was driving a truck with a trailer attached. Damage to the trailer is still obvious, including a footprint from where bicyclist Brady Tucker hit after being wrapped around the trailer. Police located it and the driver after nearly a week of searching.

Authorities say Zorn tried to repair the trailer, which is why he has been charged with tampering with evidence, as well as falsifying a statement, hit-skip, fictitious registration and driving under suspension (because he failed to pay child support).

The Mayfield Village man has not been arrested.

On July 18, Tucker, 26, was riding in the VeloSano Bike to Cure to raise money for cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic when he was hit by Zorn's vehicle.

The South Euclid man was released from the hospital on Wednesday after recovering from serious injuries. He will also be charged with failure to stop at a stop sign, since he continued through the intersection.

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