Cleveland Public Power working on 'bright idea'

Cleveland Public Power working on 'bright idea'

If you live in Cleveland and call in a street light outage, expect to wait 10 days for crews to come out and fix the problem.

But soon your neighborhood won't be left in the dark. Cleveland Public Power is working on a plan to replace thousands of street lights with LED fixtures and connect them to a smart grid system.

"Conserve and reduce and consume less energy and require less maintenance," explains CPP Commissioner Ivan Henderson.

Right now streetlights cost the city about $12 million a year.

Henderson says with  LED fixtures, those costs could be cut in half.

LED's last longer.

But that's not the only advantage.

"We'll actually save 80 percent on maintenance. So it's a significant improvement in the lighting," says Henderson.

The "smart grid" would not only be able to let crews know that a street light or entire circuit is down, but "adaptive controls" which are like apps downloaded on smart phones would be able to measure things like snowfall on a street, the number of cars and even people walking in the neighborhoods.

"It enables us to be more proactive and to schedule the work based on where it's required as opposed to having a kind of hit and miss at night," says Henderson.

All 67,000 new LED street lights are expected to be installed by the spring of 2018.

Officials say with the new lighting not only is it more cost-effective but the streets will be brighter and easier to see.

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