Police search for gunman who targeted a dog

Police search for gunman who targeted a dog

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The owner of a dog in Summit County wants to know why a person walked up to his beloved pet and shot her.

She survived, but now police are searching for the person who pulled the trigger.

7-year-old Rio, a Presa Canario, is a survivor.

"Rio is a fun-loving, over-sized teddy bear," said her owner Daryl Evege.

Thursday evening, Evege came close to losing her.

He was inside his house on Nome Avenue in Akron when he heard the gunshots.

Evege rushed outside and says he saw the suspect running down the street.

So he hopped onto his scooter and chased him, even catching up to him.

"Hey, why'd you shoot my dog?' And he was just, 'I didn't shoot your dog' and took off running," he said.

He ran home to check on Rio, who was still tied up in the yard where she was before the incident.

Evege showed us where she was hit.

"The bullet came through here and is lodged up underneath. You can almost feel it," he said.

Police say the suspect fired four shots at Rio from the street. One bullet hit her in the stomach and another pierced her back hip.

Her stomach is bandaged up, and you can clearly see a bullet hole in her back hip.

"I'm still just heartbroken that he even shot the dog. Cause why would you shoot a tethered dog?" Evege asked.

His grandchildren were at his house when it happened and one of them saw it all.

The rest of the kids heard the gunshots and Evege says, they are traumatized.

He owns several rescue dogs and he'd do anything for them.

But the veterinarian says Rio needs surgery that will cost at least $3,000.

Evege says he can't afford it. He already forked over next month's rent to an emergency clinic.

The veterinarian told him to worry about coming up with a plan to care for the dog before worrying about the money.

At the same time, perfect strangers are helping out, trying to raise donations.

They started this GoFundMe page, in hopes their days together won't be numbered.

"Ever since I rescued that dog, she's brought so much happiness and joy into my life," Evege said.

Akron Police say the suspect is a black male, 5'10"-5'11" weighing 170-180 pounds. Evege thinks he is between 18 and 20 years old.

Officers found four shell casings in the street.

Police say if the suspect is caught, he could face charges for animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in city limits.

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