Social experiment placing viewers in split second situations the police face

Shoot or Don't Shoot: what would you do?

Earlier this year, the United States Department of Justice ruled that there was a "pattern of deadly force" used by the Cleveland Police Department. In the wake of deadly police shootings by police that have sparked protests nationwide—including here in Northeast Ohio—19 Action News, in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, initiated a social experiment: how would average Northeast Ohio residents react in pressure situations that police officers face?

19 Action news invited four different people to a unique police training exercise. All four were placed in real world stressful situations where a split second decision had to be made regarding use of deadly force. To expand the story into a broader social experiment, on line voting at 19 Action for viewers will be enabled, so Northeast Ohio residents can watch each scenario and vote.

Our week of special reports, called "Shoot - Don't Shoot", airs in 19 Action News at 11pm, starting this Monday, July 27th. Viewers will vote on what they would do in the split second scenario at 19 Action The results will be revealed in the following day's 11pm newscast.

The four Northeast Ohio residents that participated in the "Shoot-Don't Shoot" training exercise includes: Akron City Council Woman Tara Mosley-Samples; Bob Frantz, who hosts The Bob Frantz Authority on 1420 am The Answer; Erika Lauren, who stars on the Alan Cox Show on 100.7 WMMS; and Community Activist Norm Edwards, President of the American Center for Economic Equality.

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