Norton Police involved in hit skip

Norton Police involved in hit skip

NORTON, OH (WOIO) - An unknown driver took off after striking a police cruiser parked on I-76 for a traffic stop.

Authorities say it happened at 9:39 p.m. on Friday.

Norton Police Officer Jon Karnuth had been sitting in his vehicle near milepost 12 in Summit County for about 15 minutes before the incident occurred.

Karnuth was parked on the north berm of I-76, with the cruiser's overhead lights on.

After the collision, the suspect vehicle left the scene and traveled west on I-76.

The officer was not injured.

Investigators report describe the hit-skip vehicle as a small dark gray car and said it will have significant damage to the right front to include the right side.

Anyone with information regarding the crash is asked to contact the Canton Highway Patrol at (330)433-6200 or the Norton Police Department at (330)825-2491.

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