Police investigating whether dog leashed before attack

Police investigating whether dog leashed before attack
"Fire" hurt in dog attack (Source: Family photo)
"Fire" hurt in dog attack (Source: Family photo)

A small dog named "Fire" was attacked by a pit bull mix who was on a walk with its owner last Sunday.

Just over a week later, her broken right front paw is in a cast, part of her ear is missing and she has gashes and puncture wounds to her stomach.

Johnie Neal, one of Fire's owners, says the owner of the pit bull mix is to blame.

"He walks that dog all the time without a chain," said Johnie.

Neal bought Fire nearly two years ago for her granddaughter Brielle's birthday.

There were actually two attacks. The first was in the front yard; the second was after the family got Fire up on the porch.

The pit bull mix tossed Fire off the porch, according to Brielle's mother, Arienne.

"It had her in her mouth and dropped her," recalled Arienne. "Fire was out like she was dead."

After the attack, Brielle's mother followed the man to this home a few blocks away, only to receive an icy reception.

"He was just like, he was not gonna pay for anything. He was not remorseful at all for what happened," explained Arienne.

When 19 Action News reporter Paul Orlousky visited on Monday, a woman was more receptive when asked if it was a vicious dog.

"No. I will let her out right now. She'll play with you, rub you, lick you," the woman said.

She explained the dog was trained to keep furry critters out of the yard, like squirrels, rabbits, and skunks, and may have mistaken Fire for one.

The pit mix owner says the dog broke loose from a leash. Fire's owners say there was no leash.

While there is a dispute over what happened, two things are certain.

The Neals have more than $700 in medical bills and little Brielle loves Fire, telling us, "When I tell her to sit she sits. I trained her."

We asked, "You're a good dog trainer huh?"

She smiled shyly and answered, "A little bit."

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