The Buckeye Breakaway rides on

The Buckeye Breakaway rides on

We here at 19 Action News are proud to sponsor an important bike ride: The Buckeye Breakaway, formerly known as Pedal to the Point.

The ride raises money and awareness for those living with Multiple Sclerosis.

One incredible woman living with MS has an immense drive and her own bike team.

"It's one of these things that everybody's got their own cross to bear. Mine you can see, you can see that I'm in a wheel chair," Patti Substelny told 19 Action News reporter Dan DeRoos from her kitchen.

She is truly a champion for her cause. Substelny was diagnosed with MS in 1997. In fact, she was diagnosed a month before her wedding.

"I said to my then fiancé 'you know the rules of the game have changed you don't need to marry me anymore, we don't know what life is going to bring' and he said 'oh of course I'm going to marry you'. So in November we're going to celebrate 18 years together," said Substelny.

Her husband Mike did more than marry her, he has become one of the leaders of "Patti's Paladins," a group of 40-60 riders who have taken this 150-mile trek every year for the past 12 years.

This year the two-day ride goes from Brunswick High School to Ashland University and back. It raises hope, awareness, and a lot of money.

Patti's Paladins alone have raise more than $300,000.

"The money stays local. It stays local with the MS Ohio Buckeye chapter. And they contribute to the Clinic for different research, they help people in the area with mobility needs or counseling needs," said Substelny.

Every year Patti is at the start and finish line, thanking those doing what she can't.

"I think it's a very Cleveland thing. You know people in Cleveland are generous of spirit. They give of themselves, of their time, to people they don't know who are fighting, battling an illness like I do."

If you would like to donate, sign up or even volunteer, you can CLICK HERE for all of the information.

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