Fans excited as Browns Training Camp begins

Fans excited as Browns Training Camp begins

BEREA, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns fans were cheering loud and proud at day one of training camp, overflowing with optimism before the first snap. A fresh football season is approaching and Browns fans are still showing the same die-hard spirit for which our city is known.

Tickets for Thursday's training camp were sold out with new and seasoned fans looking forward to the possibilities.

Bill Coup has been a Browns fan for 55 years.

"I've seen the good and the bad," said Coup. "They had a great first half last year and everything, so I'd like to see them do that through the first season, have a decent record. It'd be nice to see them win for once."

Drew Zemlicka is becoming a loyal fan.

"Since my whole life," said the 11-year-old, whose favorite player is Johnny Manziel. "Manziel, he seems like he's been better."

Many other fans said they were looking forward to the return of "Johnny Football," though the hype that surrounded him last season seems to have simmered.

"I think if he comes out and he does well, it will be in full effect," said fan Anthony Blankenship.

But there are others he hopes to see.

"Cam Erving! I can't wait to see what he does for the offensive line," said Blankenship.

It's that hope that comes with every new season, giving the Cleveland faithful a reason to cheer.

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