Training held to reduce campus sexual assaults

Training held to reduce campus sexual assaults
University of Akron hosting training to fight campus sex assaults (Source: WOIO)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Life for many college students is a mix of academics, work and meeting new friends. But, for a victim of campus sexual assault, that ideal is shattered.

In an effort to reduce on campus assaults, the Ohio Attorney General's Office is holding statewide sexual assault training seminars.

The University of Akron hosted a session Thursday that included law enforcement representatives from about a dozen universities.

The session focused on streamlining investigations and improving victim services.

If successful, the seminar would help reduce the number of unreported sexual assaults.

"If someone is the victim of a sexual assault they probably aren't the first person this person has assaulted," Captain Dale Gooding of the University of Akron Police Department said while explaining the importance of victims reporting the assault.

The Attorney General's office believes quicker, thorough investigations would encourage victims to step forward and in turn lead to fewer incidents.

The training sessions were previously held at The Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University and Ohio University.

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