Romona's Kids: Peace program teaching children life lessons

Almost 20 years ago, Cleveland's Peace in the Hood group started bringing together children from different neighborhoods for some important life lessons.

Children are learning conflict resolution and motivation at Peace Camp in Cleveland's Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Some have lost family members to violence and the daily unity circle helps them to heal.

There are lessons in spiritual and moral values all to promote the concept of peace.

"I'm learning how to be kind to others," Aniya Worley said.

"I'm learning about unity and how coming together as a community can really help grow a child into what they want to be later in life," Naudia Loftis said.

Children learn how to make money by selling their handmade projects.

"They learn entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and also workforce development," Program Director Raja Ali said.

The camp has a saying: "Don't fight it out, peace it out."

That message is reflected in the childrens' artwork. They're happy to share what they're taking away from this experience.

"Patience is definitely something you need when you're dealing with conflict," said Dominique Bowden.

"To talk it out is way better than fighting or anything else because talking is just the best way to resolve something," said India Cora.

"They become like ambassadors of what it is we're doing they actually can articulate it themselves they go back in school and they become peer mediators," said Coalition For a Better Life founder, Khalid Samad.

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