Kenya trip delayed for Akron students

Kenya trip delayed for Akron students

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - We've been following the progress of the BRAIN Program since we were invited to see the work of six Buchtel High School students on Wednesday.

For those students, a trip to Kenya was supposed to be the culmination of the BRAIN program.

Lillian Prince, a volunteer with Akron Children's Hospital, set up the program that gives minority students access to the science and medical fields.

The work done by the young men in the field of eye conditions was on display on poster board in a classroom at the hospital.

"They're strong young men, they're highly intelligent, they perform, they are enthusiastic and I know they're going to do quite well in their careers," Prince told us at the time.

The group was supposed to travel to Kenya Friday morning to volunteer at an eye clinic for a week.

The problem is that as late as Thursday afternoon, we found that plane tickets still had not been purchased.

Prince assured 19 Action News they were still going Friday morning. The problem was finding flights where the entire group could travel together.

When we talked to her by phone Friday morning, the group was still in Akron.

Another problem has now come up. We were told that the group's Kenyan interpreter had brought the wrong passport and needed to travel back to Boston to get the right one.

When 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos insisted on an answer about whether or not the plane tickets had actually been purchased, Prince hung up the phone.

DeRoos has spoken to a parent who said the kids are saddened and stressed at the whole situation but have been told they will be leaving Monday.

The only money the parents have spent at this point was for passports and shots, that cost around $1,000.

The trip is supposedly being funded by donations from businesses and corporations.

Prince has not confirmed how much money has been raised or spent.

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