Space Station astronauts link with Cleveland science campers

Space Station astronauts link with Cleveland science campers
From space, astronauts answer kids' questions (Source: WOIO)

NASA Astronauts Scott Kelly and Dr. Kjell Lindgren are working on the International Space Station, 250 miles in the air and traveling about 1,700 miles per hour.

That did not stop them taking the time to answer the questions, via downlink, of campers at the Great Lakes Science Center's Space Adventure Week.

One camper asked Dr. Lindgren if he ever spilled a drink. As he demonstrated how the astronauts must drink in zero gravity, Lindgren actually had a spill which led to a breakout of laughter on the Space Station and at the Science Center.

Astronaut Janet Kavandi was at the Science Center leading the program. Kavandi, who has flown over 13 million miles on the space shuttle explained the science experiments the NASA astronauts are performing on the Space Station.

The questions from the campers were well thought, including one about how hard it may be for the astronauts to be away from their families for such a long time.

"We have a phone that uses internet protocol so we're able to call phones on Earth and once a week we get to have a video teleconference with our families,"
Dr. Lindgren said.

Kelly is four months into a year-long mission and Dr. Lindgren just boarded the Space Station in late July for his six-month mission.

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