N. Randall officer charged with selling guns to convicted felons

N. Randall officer charged with selling guns to convicted felons

NORTH RANDALL, OH (WOIO) - North Randall police officer, 29-year-old Kevin Lumpkin is accused of selling firearms to two convicted felons.

During a recent traffic stop, investigators found a gun in a suspect's car that was purchased by Lumpkin.

After searching the two suspects' homes, authorities say they found even more firearms bought by the North Randall officer.

"Oh that's not good at all, selling weapons anywhere if you're not licensed to do so it's not good," says Walter Jones.

North Randall Police Chief Ronald Mosley says he's shocked by the allegations.

"Someone that I thought was a good guy," Chief Mosley said. "It's unfortunate these charges are being brought against him."

Chief Mosley also said Lumpkin's actions are his own and in no way harm the department or it's other officers.

"It's uncalled for and with him being a police officer he should know much better than that," says Lorinda Sumlin.

Officer Lumpkin became an Auxiliary Officer for North Randall March of 2011 and began working part time October 2012.

We looked through Lumpkin's personnel file and found that he was investigated by the BCI for discharging a firearm while on duty. No charges
were filed in that case.

Lumpkin was also written up once for not asking permission to leave the city while on duty.

Right now the officer is on unpaid leave.

If found guilty he could face up to six years in prison.

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