Schnizel Shuttle delivers customers right to Hofbrauhaus door

Schnizel Shuttle delivers customers right to Hofbrauhaus door
ESPN at Hofbrauhaus during NBA finals (Source: WOIO)

One Cleveland restaurant is bringing patrons to them during lunch.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 3, Hofbrauhaus Cleveland will offer free shuttle service from three downtown Cleveland stops.

Hofbrauhaus Cleveland wanted to help their lunchtime crowd overcome parking and timing challenges, so they started the first shuttle service of its kind in the city. The Schnitzel Shuttle will pick up anyone who wants to eat at the Hofbrauhaus between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

There are three stops along E. 9th street.  Hofbrauhaus Pretzel Girls will be handing out information at each of those locations to start.  The stops include the intersections of E. 9th Street and Prospect, Chester and St. Claire Avenues.

Inside the Hofbrauhaus, you will find the accordion is playing  and the schnitzel is always hot.

"Here's the idea. They can't afford to go to Germany. You can't always go to Octoberfest. So, we are going to bring it to you," said Gus Shuett, a manager at the Hofbrauhaus.

On its maiden voyage, the Schnitzel Shuttle picked up a limited amount of people – because many aren't aware she shuttle exists just yet.

"Very easy. Convenient.  Picked us up at work and I guess they are going to drop us back off," said Joann Jackson of Cleveland.

"I said, 'well shoot we got a ride.'  We've wanted to come here for lunch a lot, but we haven't made it because of the walk.  So, when we knew we had a ride, we decided to get on," said Eric Buskirk of Cleveland, "as long as they have the ride, we're here."  

Those that board the shuttle on any of the three stops along E. 9th receive a menu. Customers then circle what they want to make the ordering process even more convenient and faster. When they are seated at the restaurant, they give their circled menu to their server, who immediately puts in their order.

"Back when I was working when I was 18, you got an hour for lunch. Nowadays, people get 30 or 45 minutes for lunch. We have to be right on with our execution," added Shuett. 

When customers are done eating, the Schnitzel Shuttle takes them back to their stop along E. 9th.

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