Day 2 of manhunt, CPD search for kidnapping suspects in Cleveland

Search continues for kidnapping suspects

A scary story from the west side. Cleveland Police say a 32-year-old wife and mother is safe after being kidnapped Tuesday morning.

Police say she was taken from the driveway of her own home!

Marlina Rodriguez's morning started like any other day. She walked out of her W. 134th St. home to get into her van and drive to work at a bank downtown and that's when her husband says she was attacked by two men.

"They put a gun to her side and said 'get in the car and start driving around.'  They were looking for the perfect spot…to do what, I don't know," said Benny Rodriguez.
He says Marlina drove around for about an hour, with the suspects in the backseat.

"She got to the point where she said…'if they're going to do whatever, do they're going to do it while I'm running.'  So she got up enough courage to stop at a stop sign, near 51st and just got out and took off," said Rodriguez.

She got away safely, but so did the suspects.

"I don't even know how I'm going to get her out of the house now," he said.

Neighbor Rhonda Woodworth wished she had heard the commotion, and been able to help.

"It could have been different circumstances, they could have done something to her, could have killed her or whatever. Thank God she is ok," said Woodworth.

She says today's kidnapping will change the way she operates at home.

"Probably look outside in the backyard before I walk out of the house. Probably let the dog out before I go, to just make sure I'm safe leaving for work," she said.

The Rodriguez family is still shaken the core and left wondering why Marlina was targeted.

"It just seemed very random. If it was someone that was watching her, they would've known that no one was home," added Rodriguez.
 Cleveland Police are using a chopper and K-9s to track down the suspects.

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