Sales tax holiday this weekend

Consumers cashing in on no sales tax weekend
Ohio sales tax holiday this weekend. (Source: WOIO)
Ohio sales tax holiday this weekend. (Source: WOIO)

The Ohio Legislature has adopted a one sales tax holiday aimed at helping back-to-school shoppers this weekend. It starts Friday and ends Sunday, Aug. 9 at 11:59 p.m.

So how much can you actually save?

Remember that sales tax is different from city to city. We all pay the State sales tax at 5.75% -- so almost six cents on every dollar. But then every city charges their own tax.

For example in Cleveland, it's an extra 2.25% taking it to 8%. This means you can really save some money this weekend.

Although other states have been doing this for years, Ohio lawmakers have decided to give back-to-school shoppers a break this weekend.

A tax break, meaning on certain items you will pay no sales tax this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We wanted to see just what you might save so we went to the Steelyard Walmart and picked up the Horace Mann Elementary School list
and started shopping for a third grader. The list has just about everything on it.

"Not only are they asking for school supplies now they're asking for tissues, hand sanitizer so those lists are kind of getting longer
by the year," says Walmart employee Ariana Witherspoon.
It took a while but we got just about everything on the list and headed for the check-out. Keep in mind these are just the classroom supplies
for one student.

Total tax: $7.74.

Which means this weekend that same purchase will leave almost $8 in your wallet.
"Once they actually learn the details, once you realize what all these items are for just take advantage of it," said Witherspoon.
But wait there's more....the tax free holiday also covers clothes, shoes, socks and underwear. And not just school uniforms, but all clothes. Meaning while this "holiday" is really aimed at school needs, everyone in the state can save money by shopping this weekend.

Knowing that some people might to try to take advantage there are some rules. The only school supplies that are tax free are items that are $25 and under. So things like computers, tablets and big calculators will not be tax free. As for apparel each item must be $75 or under. So that $300 pair of Air Jordan's your kid just "has to have" will not be tax free.

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