How is security at North Coast Harbor?

How is security at North Coast Harbor?

North Coast Harbor is a beautiful jewel for the City of Cleveland.

Located right behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but heading into the Republican National Convention next year is it a security risk? Does the City know who's anchoring their private boats or yachts in the Harbor?

19 Action News started asking questions when a huge yacht was parked at the Marina a couple of weeks ago.  Who owned it and who was on it? 
The City leases out a section of the Harbor for a private 53-slip transient marina to Rock and Dock. 

Boats can come and go and a city of Cleveland insignia is on the Rock and Dock Rental Office.

We asked the City who owned the big yacht weeks ago. We never received a response so we put in a Public Document request for a list of all the vessels anchoring for the past 3 weeks.

The Mayor's Office responded: 'your request for a customer list is exempt from disclosure because it's a trade secret.'

19 Action News sources say the yacht was out of New York, had an Australian crew and was being used by someone touring the Cleveland Clinic.

Rock and Dock is required to hand over their financial records to the City at the end of the year but Rock and Dock tells 19 Action News  they aren't aware if that includes a list of who docks at the marina. 

Late Tuesday the City of Cleveland informed 19 Action News that they do not have a list of who docks at the Marina. They do point out the Marina has its own security and it's layered in with additional security from the U.S. Border Patrol, the Coast Guard and the Cleveland Police Department.

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