Local producer says his Doritos commercial was ripped off

Local producer says his Doritos commercial was ripped off

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Local photographer and marketing consultant Matt Greminger says he got an unwelcome surprise recently when he turned on the TV. 

"This commercial comes across, and I see it, and I'm like, 'that's cute,' and then it just hit me. I'm like, 'that's my commercial!" said Greminger.
Greminger recently entered a commercial for a contest Doritos was sponsoring around the time of the Superbowl.  In Greminger's commercial, his 96-year-old grandmother is caught in bed eating Doritos with a much younger man.  The actor playing her husband is obviously upset, but then grabs the bag of chips, and it's obvious his true concern is that someone was eating his Doritos. 
Greminger's commercial did not win the contest, but it did get a lot of views online.

Now, not even six months later, Greminger noticed that a new M&M's commercial seems shockingly similar.
In the M&M's commercial, a man comes home to find his wife in bed with an M&M. The husband throws down his briefcase, just like the actor in the Doritos commercial does, and then seems more upset about the M&Ms than the alleged infidelity.

Greminger says the similarities are striking, but his work was not copyrighted. 

"I grabbed my phone, and I took a video, and I put it on Facebook and, I'm like, 'who else thinks this is my Doritos commercial?' and everybody is like, 'Oh my God! They totally stole your idea!' Crazy, right?" said Greminger.

We took an informal poll to see what others thought showing them both commercials.

"That looks like it was totally stolen! It's Doritos all over again! Instead of the old lady it's the M&M! Absolutely! Absolutely!" said Sandra Campbell of Cleveland.

"Do you think it was pretty much the same commercial?" we asked.
Jameka Ross replied,"Yes, and no at the same time."

Greminger says he's not sure how to feel. Imitation, they say, is a form of flattery-if imitation is what this is.

"I'm not discouraged. I'll do it again, but I'm definitely copyrighting my story board, if nothing else," said Greminger.

Watch and decide for yourself.

Click HERE to watch Greminger's original Doritos commercial.

Click HERE to watch M&M's commercial

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