Dominic Mancuso Editorial: Lakefront Development

Editorial: Lakefront Development

Lake Erie is one of northeast Ohio's greatest resources. For the first time in decades, lakefront communities are looking at the coastline as more than a place to pick up steel and creating a goal of making it a place for all our citizens to enjoy.

Cleveland is moving forward on lakefront development with plans for a restaurant, hotel and offices. They will leave plenty of park space and add amenities that make it possible for the public to have contact with the lake through walking paths, sand volleyball courts or just dipping your toes in the water.

The metroparks have made big improvements at Edgewater Beach since taking over from the state in 2013. Now they've launched a project to renovate the beach house and rinsing stations and have created a walkway to connect the lakefront to nearby neighborhoods.

This fall, Lakewood Park will open the Solstice Steps - a two million dollar project to carve seating and a running path into the shoreline, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy a scenic view of the lake.

Most of these projects carry the potential for profit and increased business and tourism in northeast Ohio. The real gift is the public access and the opportunities our children and grandchildren will have to enjoy our great lake for years to come.

I'm Dominic Mancuso and that's how we see it.