Parents welcome drug testing for high school student athletes

Parents welcome drug testing for high school student athletes

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Do you want your high school student drug tested? If your student is at North Olmsted High School and they are getting ready to play football, soccer, volleyball, march in the band, or participate in any type of extra curricular this fall -- they will be tested.

Administrators say they are concerned about the safety of the students and are always looking for ways to help students stay safe.

The district says that the drug testing policy has been put in place, not to punish students but to find those students who may be using drugs or alcohol and then provide them with the help they need.

After a first positive test, the student and parents are required to meet with the principal, and there will be no suspension from their sport or activity.

But further positive tests would result in the student missing games or activities.

Rob Brahler's daughter is a cheerleader. She was tested Wednesday.

"At first I wasn't happy about it and then I heard other schools were doing it and the more I thought about it its probably a good thing," said Rob Brahler.

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