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Republican candidates arm themselves with massive database to connect with voters

Republicans studying trends of voters. (Source: WOIO) Republicans studying trends of voters. (Source: WOIO)

The Republicans have come to town and while Cleveland is putting its best foot forward GOP strategists unveiled a whole new strategy
on how to put the party's best foot forward to voters. 

A huge database of voters will be used to spread the party's message in the most effective way, according to one of the party's chief strategists.

"We have been building this data set for 20 years quietly.  No one has even known about it."

Republican pollsters feel they have always had a message to get out, but they dropped the ball in the past two presidential elections.

Democrats did a better job of identifying voters, particularly young voters and getting their message to them. 

"In 2012 after we got beat OK by Obama and we were trying to figure out other options that we could do you know to actually score voters."

Every GOP candidate in the country will have access to 20 years of data through GOP Data Center 2016, 300 terabytes, all sorted by any

Information from social media to election records, you name it. If it's online or in a public record it's here. For example pollsters track people who do yoga. It identifies them as people with a routine. 

It also tracks when, where and how to best contact you; phone, TV or in person. An army of volunteers has been assembled, the country broken up into blocs of 8 to 10,000 voters referred to as my voters. It is intended as a way for person to person, face to face to connect with voters.

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