Looking for the rich and famous at Burke Lakefront Airport

Looking for the rich and famous at Burke Lakefront Airport

19 Action News cameras spent the day watching the arrivals at Burke Lakefront Airport, it was a lot like watching lifestyles of the rich and famous, but we didn't see the richest and most famous, Donald Trump.

One by one they came in on big jets and even bigger jets. The biggest of all came carrying all of two passengers from Phoenix. Likely safe to assume, a well heeled donor.

One arrival interested us, it appeared to be Dr. Ben Carson from afar, so we asked.

Is there a candidate in there?  The answer was yes?  He proved confident and most important for us, accommodating saying, "I'm looking forward to an opportunity to really put forward some solutions, in just one minute it is hard to get too deep into it but I'd like to let people know there are solutions out there.

When an Ohio Highway patrol escort picked up a passenger we followed to the Renaissance, turns out it was not a candidate, rather Haley the South Carolina Governor who was the luncheon speaker at the GOP summer meeting.  An aide said "she's not doing any interviews."

One arrival probably came the closest to the rich and famous category. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's plane was accompanied by a large entourage.

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