Pit bulls kill dog on walk in Avon Lake

Pit bulls kill dog on walk in Avon Lake
Police say the pit bulls escaped through an unsecured gate. (Source: WOIO)
Police say the pit bulls escaped through an unsecured gate. (Source: WOIO)

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Another pit bull attack has a neighborhood on edge after a family pet was killed during a walk with its owner on Monday.

In early July, a pit bull attacked and killed a family pet in one Avon Lake community. The dog's owners sparked a new push for tougher restrictions involving dog-on-dog attacks in that city. Now, about a month later, a man was out walking his dog, when two pit bulls got loose and attacked.

Perry Pascarella took his shih tzu, named Bella, for a walk in his neighborhood on Bridgeside Drive. Now he can't shake the image of her dying.
"I saw two dogs behind the fence in their backyard, didn't think anything of it. Half a minute, a minute later, these two dogs were on my dog," Pascarella explained.

Avon Lake Police say the pit bulls escaped a backyard through a gate that wasn't secure.

Pascarella  jumped into the fight to try to save Bella.
"Next thing I know, I was in the middle of the yard, and I was half crawling, half walking to keep up with them, slugging them as much as I could," he described.

The dogs' owners came out and tried to help, but it was too late.

"I was thinking, 'What if they got loose and turn on some kid?' Kids go by in strollers with their mothers, other dogs. Just we happened to be the wrong one," Pascarella said. 

Mike Sweeney lives next door to the pit bulls' owners and saw the attack happen from his window.
"They pulled them off and I saw the little dog laying there. So I went to offer any assistance I could," Sweeney said. 

Despite what happened, Sweeney says it doesn't bother him to live next door to the dogs.
"I've never had any problems with the dogs at all, seemed very friendly. I'd go up and pet them," he said.

He doesn't think the breed should be discriminated against.

"You have to go dog by dog. Can't paint them all with the same brush," Sweeney said.

Pascarella's hand was bleeding after the dog fight, but he didn't even notice until paramedics pointed it out. He got X-rays and bandages at a nearby clinic. But he wasn't worried about himself. He misses his 10-year-old dog. 

"She was a lovable, loving dog," he said. "Poor thing didn't stand a chance."

The owner of the pit bulls has been cited for two counts of animal at large.
It is unknown what will happen to the dogs. The pit bulls' owners were unavailable for comment.

Avon Lake City Council will discuss how to handle dog-on-dog attacks in two weeks.

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