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Z Files: Take the $80 mil, Tristan

Z Files (Source: WOIO) Z Files (Source: WOIO)

All eyes remain on Cavs’ power forward Tristan Thompson, especially now that his agent, Rich Paul, has officially shot one across the Cavaliers' bow.
Pay now, or lose later. In other words, if the Cavs don't reach a long-term deal, and Tristan settles for the qualifying offer of $6.8 million to stay one more season, according to Paul, he’s bolting next summer.
I don't necessarily blame Paul. That’s what agents do, and if sending that message gets the Cavs up from the $80 million they've offered (over 5 years),
and closer to the $94 million that Tristan wants, well, then Rich Paul has done his job. Still, that's a dangerous game he's playing. Sure, the salary cap will skyrocket next summer, up another $20 million or so. And yes, there will be teams ready to spend.
But what will Thompson be leaving behind? A team that likely just won a title, and will contend for many more. A player (LeBron) who has mentored him and sung his praises, and oh yeah, got him the agent. And a comfort zone that not be there if he moves on,
for more money, and a bigger role that he may not be ready for. Easy for me to say, but…take the $80 million, Tristan. You’re in a great place.

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