"Mommy counter" APP

"Mommy counter" APP

Ever wonder how many times your kid tried to get your attention? Well wonder no more. 13-year-old Andy Lebowitz came up with an app called
the "mom counter." Yep it counts how many times you're kid says mom.

"I felt like mom needed to keep track of how many times they got mommed," explains Andy Lebowitz.

"They do start to get a little conscious of how many times they say it and my youngest will sometimes call me by my first name in order
to avoid getting clicked," says Andy's mom Lisa Lebowitz.
The Solon teen came up with the idea with the help of his mom. But, Andy developed the app himself by watching YouTube tutorials.
There are two versions of the "mom counter" app.

One is free. you click the button every time your child "mom's" you. The app keeps track of that and even shows several different facial
You can share the results with friends on twitter or Facebook.
The other version of the app costs .99. It keeps track of several of your kids saying mom. You can share those results on twitter,
Facebook, email, and a text.

"It allows me to be creative and I just like to use it as a way to just come out of my shell," says Andy.
Dad Todd says he's proud of his son.

"He's developing a skill that could turn into a business opportunity later," says Todd Lebowitz .

'Secretly are you jealous that it's not call the dad counter?" asked Tiffani Tucker.

"I'm so glad it's not the dad counter," says Todd while laughing.
Andy has to share a portion of the money he makes from the app with Apple. He's already working on another app that counts how quickly
you can tap a game button.

As for the "mom counter." Andy's mom says her highest total for the day with 3 kids calling her "mom" was 168.
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