Akron woman fondled, robbed by 2 intruders

Akron woman fondled, robbed by 2 intruders

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Two teenagers are in custody after a home invasion in Akron. Investigators say they robbed a woman in her apartment and one of the suspects tried to sexually assault her.

On Tuesday at 5 a.m. in Highland Square, a neighbor frantically called 911.
"Two men just broke into her apartment. They came in with guns, took her car keys, her purse," she told the 911 operator. 

A 24-year-old woman was asleep in her bed and woke up with a gun to her neck.

Police say the suspects came in through a first-floor window that was open 6 inches. They took off the screen and climbed right into the apartment.
A 16-year-old boy threatened the woman with a handgun and fondled her. At the same time, Akron Police say an 18-year-old went through her belongings.
On the 911 tape, the victim said she wasn't hurt, but she was really shaken up.

"They just pressed a gun to my throat. It was more scary than anything," she told the 911 operator.

The suspects left in the victim's car. Police say they forced the victim to give them her PIN number before they left. They put her in the bathroom and told her to count to 100 as they fled.

Police say the suspects then drove to an ATM and withdrew $200 with her bank card.
Four minutes after that 911 call, police arrested 16-year-old Tyree D. Omenai and 18-year-old Doriante J. Sutton near the victim's apartment. According to police, the suspects were driving by her apartment, got out of the car and ran. But police were able to catch up and apprehend them. The victim's belongings were recovered.

"I'm happy they caught him right away and she's okay. It's scary it happened so close by," said Jennifer Gay, a neighbor who lives a few doors away.

Neighbors have seen break-ins in the area before, but this incident really has them on edge.

Police say it's a reminder you can never be too vigilant. They recommend keeping windows on the first floor closed when you're sleeping.

"You don't want to beat up a homeowner who thinks they're safe in their own home. You left the window open only 6 inches. There's a screen in place. But you know what, we gotta tell people to take all precautions that they can," said Lt. Rick Edwards with Akron Police.
The suspects were charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, abduction, auto theft and obstructing official business. Omenai was also charged with gross sexual imposition.

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