VIDEO: Browns coaches on Johnny Manziel not throwing Tuesday

Browns coaches talk Manziel's sore elbow

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was seen throwing left handed during practice on Tuesday. He participated on a minimal basis, by just handing off the ball.

It didn't take long for media to ask the question to Browns head coach on what was going on with Johnny. Pettine said off the bat, "Just had a little elbow soreness so we just wanted to rest it for the day. Still let him go through everything else. It just was an accumulation of reps, started to get a little sore. We would do that with any of the guys, but he was the one that was experiencing some stiffness."

The Browns quarterbacks coach Kevin O'Connell was also asked about Manziel when he spoke to the media following Tuesday's practice, ""He has some stiffness and soreness in his elbow, it just comes from the high volume throws. He's obviously worked very very hard everyday, not only in camp but prior to camp to get ready, but with that comes, you got to help a guy out when he's working as hard as Johnny is to just take a day. He has a heck a day mentally, mental reps behind Josh, Connor and Thad, so it was a good day from that stand point and we're expecting him to be ready to roll."

Pettine and the coaching staff anticipates Manziel to play in the Browns first preseason game on Thursday when the Washington Redskins come to town.

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