Cleveland man beaten in his own home

Cleveland man beaten in his own home
Cleveland man beaten by three suspects (Source: WOIO)

Lerell Cromity was in his front yard when he says three men that he has never seen before came after him, backed him up his front porch steps and into his house and then attacked.

"They started punching me in the face and put my head through the wall," Cromity said.

Cromity got away, he says, but only briefly.

"They put my head through the china cabinet, beat me with the vacuum cleaner and that's when Cleveland Police First District came in and was like 'everybody get down on the ground'."

Neighbors had called police after a fight broke out in front of Cromity's house that included a shot fired.

Cromity says he simply came home and walked into the middle of a bad situation that got worse when those three men apparently thought he was with the gunman from that earlier fight.

"I've never seen their face and they've never seen my face and they just came and asked me about another guy that I don't even know about," Cromity

Cromity has a busted nose, a head injury, a broken hand, three broken teeth and swelling in his jaw and cheek.

But he says the worst part is that his children were on the couch and watched, terrorized, as their father was beaten in their own home.

"They wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Me, as a father, it makes me cry."

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