Should the Browns give Ray Rice another shot in the NFL?

Should the Browns give Ray Rice another shot in the NFL?

Running backs take the ball and they get hit but you don't expect to see a TKO, like NFL  star Ray Rice delivered on own spouse Janay last year.

Now more than a year later the video still embedded in the minds of sports fans.

"When I say Ray Rice what comes to mind?" asked Reporter Tia Ewing.

"Domestic violence, not good things come to mind," answered Ashley Sturgeon.

It's the topic on everyone's minds in Cleveland --  is it possible Ray Rice will don brown and orange?

It all started in training camp when it became known that the Browns don't have a star running back.

Running backs Coach Wilbert Mongtomery, who has ties to Rice, said, 'right now there's no front runner for the main spot.'

That was followed by this statement from Head Coach Mike Pettine to

Of course it's a natural question here because of  Wilbert, and because I was with Ray when he was a Ravens rookie and know a lot of people in Baltimore.

The coach went on to say I'm not going to say it didn't come up in discussion, but at this point we're not there yet.

Browns fans though say sign Ray Rice on to the squad!

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"I believe people make mistakes give him a second chance," said one fan.

"Sounds like you believe in second chances," stated Tia Ewing.

"I do. Everyone deserves one," answered the fan.

But not so fast. Domestic violence prevention advocates say studies show if it happens once its not the first time and it will likely happen again.

"Some people will save give him a second chance, we do know most abusers have a history and it will continue. Will that be the case with Ray Rice, I don't know," Linda Johanek said.

Linda Johanek says the Browns franchise has financially supported the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center And she hopes the speculation doesn't turn into reality.

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