OH marijuana legalization amendment approved for November ballot

OH marijuana legalization amendment approved for November ballot

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - On Wednesday, the Ohio Secretary of State announced that ResponsibleOhio collected enough valid signatures to put the marijuana legalization amendment on the 2015 November ballot. The amendment seeks to legalize marijuana for medical use and personal use by adults ages 21 and older. 

"It's time for marijuana legalization in Ohio, and voters will have the opportunity to make it happen this November--we couldn't be more excited," said ResponsibleOhio Executive Director Ian James. "Drug dealers don't care about doing what's best for our state and its citizens. By reforming marijuana laws in November, we'll provide compassionate care to sick Ohioans, bring money back to our local communities and establish a new industry with limitless economic development opportunities."

The secretary said ResponsibleOhio collected 320,267 valid signatures total, qualifying in 77 of Ohio's 88 counties.

"We want to thank the elections officials who took the time and effort to go through the hundreds of thousands of signatures we submitted. This has been a Herculean effort to collect and review so many signatures, and we look forward to working with the secretary's office to preserve the integrity of elections process," said James.

The Ohio Ballot Board will meet on Aug. 18 to determine the amendment's ballot language and issue number.

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