'Hope over Heroin' event comes to Cleveland

'Hope over Heroin' event comes to Cleveland

"Hope for Heroin" is coming to Cleveland for the first time. The event offers anyone who needs help a chance to meet with dozens of local agencies that can provide treatment options.

There are more than thirty local churches that help sponsor the event.

Those that have lost loved ones to the heroin epidemic will be at the gathering also that starts at 5:30 p.m. at Gateway Plaza on Sunday.

Lynne Daus of Bainbridge lost her daughter Jordan last November to an overdose.

At 18, Jordan had her whole life ahead of her. She wanted to go to college and study psychology, but first, she had something she needed to do. She was set to begin a new drug treatment program.

"One of the things Jordan said a week before she overdosed, she said, 'I deserve a better life. Ask for help. There's no shame in it,' and there isn't," said Daus.

Tragically, Jordan's mother says her daughter overdosed on heroin before she could get the help that she needed.

"It could be anyone's child. We live in Chagrin Falls. She goes to a great high school. She rode horses. She was in gymnastics. She did all those things that you want your child to do."

Nine months after her passing, Jordan's mom is now determined to try and save other young lives threatened by the heroin epidemic by encouraging them to get help.

She has a message for other parents:

"Trust me, you are going to want to push them out of the house. You are going to want to push them away, but that's your child, and you could be sitting where I am sitting - without my child."

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