How Clevelanders feel about marijuana initiative

How Clevelanders feel about marijuana initiative

The debate surrounding marijuana is polarizing for some and too taboo for others. 

"Yea, I think there's a stigma, as far as it making you lazy," said Marlin Martin.

But it is a topic that's certainly being discussed. 
"I think people are more prone to considering it," Greg Pratt said. 

On Wednesday, the Ohio Secretary of State announced that ResponsibleOhio, a group pushing for the legalization of marijuana, collected enough signatures to get an amendment on the November ballot

While polls show that 84 percent of Ohio voters lean toward medical marijuana use, outward support didn't seem as prevalent on the streets of downtown Cleveland.

Many people wouldn't agree to talk about it while showing their faces.
"I think it would be beneficial for the state either way, because then it's less people that are gonna be criminalized for it," said one supporter. 

Martin is one of the few who didn't shy away from talking about the drug that often seems to be shrouded in shame. 

"I don't indulge, but I'm not an advocate for it recreationally. But to each his own," said Martin.

If passed, this amendment will legalize the medical and personal use of marijuana by adults ages 21 and up.

According to the amendment commercial, marijuana can only be grown on 10 farms in the state. Still, if the amendment passes, there are other looming questions about unforeseen consequences and how the drug will be regulated, especially among minors. 

"We're adults so we can make those decisions like we can with drinking, but on the other hand, it makes it more available, easier for kids," Pratt said. 

Now the decision to legalize or not is up to voters. Marijuana legalization will appear on the Ohio ballot as Issue 3 in November.

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