Murder remains unsolved after five years

Murder remains unsolved after five years
The murder of Damis Crawford remains unsolved (Source: Family)
The murder of Damis Crawford remains unsolved (Source: Family)

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - It was five years ago on August 13, 2010, at 2:45 a.m. that 30-year-old Damis Crawford stepped outside a home on East 30th Street in Lorain to smoke a cigarette.

Crawford was met with a barrage of gunfire, the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting.

With tears in her eyes; 12-year-old Davinique Crawford remembers that day, she was seven at the time.

"It's been hard growing up without a father," Davinique said.

Tears can be wiped away but what happened five years ago won't ever escape the pre-teen's mind. Now all she has are memories of her dad.

"He'd always take us on walks and we'd go places," Davinique said.

Damis Crawford was visiting his brother. They had plans the next day to take their children fishing.

"My wife answered the phone, Valerie wanted us to come over because Damis got shot, I'm driving and she's praying," said Randy Crawford, the victim's father. "My son was a hard worker he didn't sell drugs, he showed everyone he met love."

Lorain Police say very few tips have come in recently, but the investigation is ongoing.

Crawford's father Randy sees it differently. He believes police know who committed the crime and are sitting on the case.

"They have the video, the phone records of these individuals, they know who they are," said Randy Crawford. "They know it was them."

The wounds haven't healed for this family still in morning five years later.

"When the bullets hit him it knocked him out of his shoes, his shoes were still there," said Randy.

If you know anything about the crime call the Lorain Police Detective Bureau at (440) 204-2105. There is a $7,000 reward to help solve this case.

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