Homeowner busts robbers in the act

Homeowner busts robbers in the act

A disturbing home break-in has one Cleveland family on edge.

Everyone was sleeping and didn't even know crooks were breaking into their home on Carrington on the city's west side.

One of the roommates who came home early in the morning actually busted the robbers in the middle of stealing from them.

"Right here is where the TV was, here is where the sound bar was," said Angel Victor as she surveyed what was missing from her home Friday morning.

Victor says thieves took off with most of the electronics in her house.

"I lived my entire life in this neighborhood, between here and Crossburn. And nothing like this has ever happened," she said.

Victor lives off W. 130th Street with her sister, boyfriend, their friend Charles Jackson and three kids.

Jackson got off work around 3 a.m. Friday and had no idea what he was about to walk into when he got home.

"I started going upstairs because I knew I heard something. When I started rounding the corner, four black males ran past me," Jackson said.

Jackson said the suspects looked like they were in their late teens. He didn't waste any time chasing them down.

"This all happened in less than three seconds and I took off after them. Two of them went out the front door, two of them went out the back door," he said.

He lost them and went back into the house to find three of his roommates had been sleeping and were safe.

But two TVs, three laptops, a tablet and several other electronics were gone.

"We worked hard for our stuff. We worked really hard for everything we have," said Angel's sister Veronica Victor.

She says she started crying when she found out her laptop was gone. She has over 4,000 family photos on it and all of her school work.

"I slept through it all. It literally happened in my house, while I was sleeping," Victor said.

Now the two sisters are thinking about moving.

"I'm going to talk to my landlord about getting a dog. If not I think we're breaking our lease," she said.

The victims think the suspects busted the back door to get into the house.

They lost $5,000 worth of electronics.

If you have any information that could help police track down the accused burglars, call Cleveland Police.

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