Countertop system serves tap beer at home

Countertop system serves tap beer at home
The Synek System serves any beer fresh from the tap. (Source: WOIO)
The Synek System serves any beer fresh from the tap. (Source: WOIO)

It's time to talk beer. Cleveland prides itself on being one of the up and coming microbrew capitals in the country. Now a new device lets you get your favorite tap beer at home.

On the surface, it doesn't look that special. It looks like a mini kegerator. It's the Synek System for tap beer at home or at tailgating. It's pronounced like "cynic," because people said it couldn't be done to get fresh microbrew beer at home for more than a couple of days.

"Being able to have beer on tap at your house is every beer connoisseur's dream," said Julie Bock, who attended the Synek rollout event in Cleveland Thursday night.
Until now, if you wanted some fresh, draft Great Lakes Dortmunder at home, you had to buy a growler, which is just a big glass bottle they fill up at the restaurant. The problem is it will only stay fresh and carbonated for about two days.

"We're seeing a craft brew revolution. People not only want their beer, they want their favorite beer, their favorite local beer," explained Steve Young, creator of the Synek System.
He started his project on Kickstarter, the website where people can invest in an idea that hasn't been realized yet. He has raised nearly $650,000, which was a Kickstarter record for a beer product.

At the Synek System rollout in Cleveland, people loved it.

"I backed it on Kickstarter about a year ago. I'm picking mine up tonight and can't wait for it," said Adam Schwebel.

The secret is in the bag that holds about eight pints. It's actually stretched aluminum, like a beer can. The bag is pressurized, keeping out air that robs the beer of its freshness. Instead of lasting only two days with a growler, this will stay fresh for 30 days.

"Yeah, a flexible beer can. So it just makes for better storage, makes for better distribution," explained one of the Synek demonstrators.

The bag can be taken to a brewery, who has agreed to fill them with a special hose and attachment. There are thousands of breweries around the country who have already agreed to be partners with Synek and fill the bags. When Synek pulled into town, they had eight breweries in northeast Ohio signed up, including Great Lakes Brewing Company and Willoughby Brewing Company. Just 24 hours after seeing the product, 20 more signed up. 
The base system costs $299. Learn more about it here.

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