Family mourns teacher killed at Cedar Point

Family mourns teacher killed at Cedar Point
Jim Young killed by Raptor in restricted area (Source: Cedar Point)

LOUISVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Jim Young's family in East Canton is devastated after the Louisville Elementary School intervention specialist was killed by a roller coaster at Cedar Point Thursday.

"There is no way to understand or put it into words. I know our family will never be the same," said Jim's aunt Deb Mohr.

Park officials say Young hopped a fence to retrieve his cell phone after he dropped it will riding the Raptor roller coaster.

"He probably saw his belongings there and thought he could get to them quickly and get out. Never in a million years would we imagine such a tragedy." said Mohr.

Young was recently hired as a guidance counselor at Sebring High School. It was his dream job.

"We were a close knit family. It's just devastating to think this could happen," said Mohr.

Louisville schools superintendent Michelle Shaffer said it was clear that Young loved his time in the school.

"What makes a teacher special and what made Jim special is you have to find that passion. You have to find what makes every student tick and that's what he was good at," said Shaffer.

The Raptor has reopened after the tragedy.

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