Browns Friday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Friday: Mike Pettine transcript

On how DB Justin Gilbert looked after watching the tape:

"He made some good plays and made some bad. Typical at most. There are some things he needs to work on, but I thought that the two plays in the red zone were good coverage when he got up and pressed in RGIII's (Redskins QB Robert Griffin III) last two plays in there. It will be good teaching film for Justin."

On if he agrees with Gilbert saying his technique was flawless other than the deep ball that got behind him:

"He made that statement without having seen the film."

On QB Johnny Manziel's yard per attempt being a concern:

"The function of how things work out. We don't get too upset if that number is low, as long as we are being productive with it and getting first downs and scoring points. Sometimes you look at that and realize it might be how teams are playing you if they are in deeper zones and they are forcing you to check the ball down or if he gets flushed out of the pocket and is forced to throw the ball underneath. It is not something, especially at this time of the year we don't get too concerned about it. What we are concerned with is, did he call the play right, did we get lined up, where were his eyes, how was his footwork, what were his reads, the mechanics of throwing the ball. It is much more individualized right now than worrying about the whole result."

On Manziel's performance based on those areas he previously mentioned:

"I thought he was pretty solid. He made some mistakes. All of our guys did. Again, for all of our players, this was excellent, excellent teaching tape. I thought he progressed from the scrimmage. I thought he had good poise in the pocket. He made some good throws the couple times he got flushed. He threw the ball away. He was making a good decision then. Then the scramble for the touchdown. It opened up. That was a layup for him given his ability to do that in the past. He was getting ready to throw the ball. (TE Rob) Housler was open on the corner route, but he saw he had the ability to run it and he went ahead and took the shot."

On if the defense's performance against the run is a concern:

"I am not too concerned with it. I spoke with Coach O'Neil today. The play that was most disappointing was the fourth-and-one. We were not able to set an edge. We ended up getting caught inside and the ball bounced outside for an 18-yard gain. It should have been no gain and off the field. Those are the plays we have to get cleaned up. It is a consistency thing. You could make a run cut-up from last night where the runs are minimal, three yards or less, then teams will hit the big one. That was an issue last year. Not going to get too wrapped up given we didn't game plan and some situations who we had out there, some of the different things that we are working on. It is not something we are panicking over but it is something we are obviously aware of and we will work to clean up as we get closer to the opener."

On if RB Duke Johnson Jr. or WR Terrelle Pryor will practice tomorrow:

"Right now it looks as if Terrelle Pryor will practice tomorrow. Duke Johnson will not."

On RB Shaun Draughn's status:

"We should get him back soon. He is going to have to wear a cast so that will hold him back but he will still be able to practice. I don't know how much he'll handle the ball obviously, but he will do some of the other things, some of the special teams work. He will likely be in a non-contact mode for a little bit. I am just not sure of that exact date. He is getting close to coming back."

On when Johnson Jr. will be able to practice:

It will likely be next week, but if it is a situation where it is close to the game he might practice or go through the walk-thru and then we would hold him through the game and get him back. I am confident he will be available for the Tampa game barring any setbacks. We are not sure where he will be for Buffalo just yet."

On why he is comfortable that the run game will get straightened out:

"I have seen it in practice. I have seen what we can be and know that when we have game planned it and we have the guys out there that we are going to have out there and the backs get the proper reps leading up to the opener – I am confident, but again you are just running out of opportunities that are lost. It is still not a situation where we are going to panic about it. Know that we have a sense of urgency. I think we'll be fine in that sense. It is just tough not having those guys out there. Duke losing those reps. Shaun losing those reps. (RB) Terrance (West) lost some and obviously he is back now.

On if those lost reps will change the game planning early in the season:

"At this point I can't say it would change our game planning."

On if Manziel has spoken to him about QB Josh McCown's influence:

"No, but I can see it. I can just see the relationship that they have. He doesn't have to say it, it's pretty obvious."

On if he is concerned about Gilbert's contribution:

"I wouldn't say I'm concerned at this point, this is why we have training camp. He got things he has to work on and he'll get his grade sheet tomorrow. Hopefully be able to – the mistakes that he made- be able to lock them in and not make them again but he's a guy that we want to have him to be a part of what we're doing. We're coaching him hard and hopefully he'll respond."

On Gilbert's energy on kick returns:

"Yeah we see it. He's explosive. Especially when he has it. I think he scored 12 touchdowns in college whether on interception returns or kicks returns. I would say that's an accurate statement."

On if he is developing that energy on defense:

"Yeah, I mean that's- no, there are times when he shows it but it's a consistency thing with Justin. He's just got to be more frequent."

On if they are shorthanded going into the joint practice with the Bills:

"We are that's why we're not going to have marathon practices against the (Buffalo) Bills. It will be quality work. It'll be ones and the twos and key subs and we'll mix some of the threes in because a lot of the threes will play a decent part of the game. We met on that this morning and we're getting ready to work those reps out. We're looking forward- some of these guys are starting to trickle back. The good thing about it is I think once we get through Buffalo we'll have a good number of guys back for Tampa."

On what he likes about joint practices and if he spoke to players about fights:

"I personally have never done joint practices so I'm very much looking forward to it. I have a bunch of guys on staff that have been a part of it and they highly recommended them so it was a no brainer for us talking to the Bills at the combine and getting this arranged. We definitely talked to our guys about it. 'Hey we're going to be competitive just not be combative' It's a point of emphasis this year with the league as it should be every year about the fighting, there's no place for it. That's something we'll certainly address with the team and I'm sure Rex (Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan) will as well. We want to go out there and good hard, clean work against each other and hopefully both teams will be better coming out of it.

On an update OL on Joe Thomas:

"I haven't gotten the report on Joe so I don't know if I can speak on that just yet but I would think more than likely he will go."

On which rookies stand out to him at this point:

"I thought (DL) Danny Shelton did some good thing. It wasn't big for him sometimes you see some rookies and their eyes are big and they have that thousand yard stare in their first game. He was the same as he was last night as he was on the practice field, bouncing around having fun. I thought DL Xavier) Cooper did some good things for us, I thought Campbell. You can't appreciate just watching the film what he did, you had to be on the sideline to hear it. He had a couple real nice hits. I thought during the game he was very physical. Overall just as a group I thought those young guys all of them made some contribution."

On QB Josh McCown's position as a starter:

"Yeah, I haven't waivered from that. He's firmly the one."

On if Dee Haslam being involved with the conduct committee enters into the discussion regarding RB Ray Rice:

"I deal with those decisions from a football standpoint so that question is not for me."

On the kicking competition:

"I thought they both did some good things. It was funny, I don't think either one of them warmed up very well but once they got in the pressure situation the game I thought they both struck the ball well."?