Mom finds financial success from something on family farm

Mom finds financial success from something on family farm

A family of ten is traveling the country, making a living off something right from their Scottsburg, Indiana farm.

The Jonas family includes mom, dad, and eight kids, ages 18 to 8-years-old.

"Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, Jade, Mom, and Dad."

They are on the road with their soaps and other products made from goat's milk right from their farm.

The Jonases have been featured in Oprah's magazine and on several talk shows.

"We also have liquid soap that comes in a foam or bottle so you can just dispense it at your sink," explains PJ Jonas.

PJ came up with the "goat milk soap" idea several years ago while giving the kids a bath.

"I did some research. I already had the dairy goods cause we were drinking the milk. I knew that the goat milk was really good not just to drink but also for your skin," PJ said.

"The children learn so much about life by actually participating in the business. They're learning math when their helping customers. They're learning about how to interact with people," says Jim Jonas.

9-year old Indigo runs the family's retail shop.

"Every soap used is a liquid and most people use water. We add the goat milk cause it adds all the cream, fat, and the protein which makes it really moisturizing for your skin," Indigo said.

Being a part of the family business is fun but little Indigo admits sometimes traveling with her seven other siblings in their "Goat Milk Stuff" has its moments.

"Sometimes they're a little loud. Sometimes they're a little annoying," Indigo said.

A family-run business straight from the farm turned into financial success. The Jonases say they're living the American dream.

They say instead of taking a trip for their 20-year wedding anniversary, they decided to invest the money back into their business. Now they're working on selling caramel candies with goats milk, fudge, and cheese.

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