Cleveland travelers hit by 'Flypocalypse"

Cleveland travelers hit by 'Flypocalypse"

The "Flypocalypse" affected travelers along the East Coast and  locally at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Phyllis O'Connell was forced to play the waiting the game after her 15-year-old grandson's flight to Seattle was delayed with no
sign of taking off.

"They have no idea when he's going to leave and he's waiting here at the gate, trying to see how he's going to be able to leave," said O'Connell

Her  grandson's plane was scheduled to come out of Washington D.C., but the FAA says the glitch in the system brought travel in some airports to a halt.

"He's texting us back and forth, and we're texting him back in Seattle," said O'Connell.

Sisters Brenda Lewis and Cheryl Thornton reunited at Cleveland Hopkins today but each saw the long lines on their way here.

Lewis went through St Louis.

"They were telling them their flight wouldn't leave until 8 p.m…people were very frustrated which you can understand and didn't know why," said Lewis 

And Thornton traveled through Chicago.

"When I got there it was just like she said, line was a mile long," said Thornton. 

At Cleveland Hopkins the glitch caused several canceled and delayed flights to the hardest hit areas of Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Those unaffected by the day's events are just grateful for traveling mercy.

"I usually go to Baltimore for a layover when I come home to Cleveland, but I thank God I didn't have to go that way," said Thortnon.

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