Police make 21 arrests as part of Operation Sundown

Police make 21 arrests as part of Operation Sundown

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - The Elyria Police Narcotics Unit made 21 arrests in eight days as part of "Operation Sundown".

The Crackdown was started in response to the growing number of neighborhood drug complaints and gun violence that have occurred this summer in Elyria.

"Operation Sundown" targeted street level drug dealers that distribute cocaine and heroin to drug addicts throughout the City of Elyria and Lorain County. The majority of the individuals targeted have conducted drug transactions in homes, apartment buildings, city streets, alleys, street corners, parks and parking lots throughout the City of Elyria.

During "Operation Sundown," police seized three handguns, and military issued body armor. Detectives also seized 60 grams of cocaine, 25 grams heroin, 30 grams marijuana, 27 doses of Oxycodone, and 49 doses of MDMA "Ecstasy." The combined street value of the drugs seized is approximately $15,335.00. In addition to the guns and drugs, detectives also seized $5,658.76 in cash and five vehicles.

The following suspects were charged during "Operation Sundown."

Mario L. McCray 34, Willie L. Leach 33, Cherri Eanes 29, Jessica Allgood 29, Jamaal O. Harvey 36, Walter D. Brown 34, Shaundale M. Brown 27,    Jermaine Washington 33, Jonathon L. Oliver 32, Andrew L. Owens 32, Darrell Grantham Jr. 32, Christopher L. Crook 32, Trynell A. Davis 23,  Calvin L. Williams 32, Octavius T. Smith 37, Darell L. Smallwood 29, Pierre C. Alston 35,  David A. Hollis Jr. 26, Colin Mosley 24, Ernest D. Beckett Jr. 30 and Brian A. Ortiz 21.

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