Mother shares story of triumph over heroin

Mother shares story of triumph over heroin

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - Samantha Moore is a vibrant 26-year-old wife and new mother. It is hard to imagine when you meet her in person, but just two years ago Sam was in a very dangerous place in her life.

"If you were to look in my eyes back then, they were dark. They were hopeless," Sam explained.

She was addicted to heroin. Her addiction started when she was 16.

"I started drinking pretty much every day from that point on. That graduated into marijuana, into cocaine, then different painkillers. Once I was on opiate pain killers, I was hooked," Sam said.

That led straight to heroin. Sam's life fell apart.

"(I was) in and out of jail, homelessness, all of those things that addicts do go through."

And then one day, she hit the rock bottom everyone talks about.

"I had overdosed and my friend resuscitated me, and then soon after that, I got in a car to my husband. I had totaled the car, and since I was on probation, I ended up having to go back to jail," Sam said.

While in jail, Sam says a close friend had a vision that Sam had died. That was the moment that forced her to get sober.

"It just hit me in that moment that God was in control of my life, that I didn't deserve to live, but he spared my life for a reason."

Now she hopes her story will give others the hope they need to overcome their addiction.

"You can't argue with a changed life. My life is a testimony to that. It's real. If they are desiring to be done with this, I would just encourage them to cry out to God, and ask him to come into their life," said Sam.

Like hundreds of others, Sam was at the "Hope Over Heroin" event that took place Sunday evening on Gateway Plaza in Cleveland.

She says while she was there one of her friends decided he wanted to get help and sought treatment for his addiction.

"Hope Over Heroin" is sponsored by churches all over the U.S.

The event offers support for families who have lost loved ones to Heroin addiction.

It also offers treatment options and resources for anyone addicted to heroin to take advantage of, so that they can become drug free.

CLICK HERE for more information on the program.

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