DDIW: Mr. Lid

DDIW: Mr. Lid

A product called Mr. Lid is supposed to help keep your plastic-ware in order.

According to its commercial, "The secret is the patented lid design, with the seal safe hinge, not available on any container anywhere."

We gave Mr. Lid to a mother of five for a month because she asked Danielle, does it work?

Cindy Formica put Mr. Lid to the test to see how much of a difference there was compared to the containers she normally used to store foods.

The makers of Mr. Lid claim you can keep your cabinet organized, and they are supposedly spill-proof.

Cindy's cabinets were not well organized in the beginning, but after replacing her old containers with Mr. Lid, everything was perfectly stacked.

The same thing happened in her refrigerator.

Cindy also said that Mr. Lid eliminated the problem of losing lids.

"I love that the lid is connected. I was never searching for that," Cindy said.

She also loved the fact that the containers had so many uses.

"Mostly I used Mr. Lid for food, storage, leftovers and snacks for the kids. I did use one for some coconut oil to put on my daughters mosquito bites," she added.

As the commercial promised, the containers, for the most part, held up to the drop test.

Finally, after two weeks of using them, the plastic didn't get distorted in either the microwave or the dishwasher.

"I did use them in the dishwasher. I did use them in the microwave. All worked wonderfully," she said.

Her only issue was, given how much she cooks, was that even the largest container wasn't always big enough.

"I could really use bigger ones. I make sauce in a huge pan," Cindy said.

But as an added bonus, when storing the family leftovers, Cindy says the containers did seem to keep food fresher for longer.

Overall, she was sold on Mr. Lid.

"Mr. Lid definitely worked for me," Cindy said.

You can get a 20-piece set of Mr. Lid on their website for $30 and that includes shipping. Other sites sell it for $10 for 10 pieces.

Customers who bought it on Amazon gave it four-and-a-half out of five stars.

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